Why feed the hungry?

No matter how bad things become for people in developing countries, they have no idea what it’s like to be hungry, what feed the hungry is, after all. Undernourishment, malnutrition, and wasting are all signs of hunger. Undernourishment is the most common kind.

According to the World Food Programme, undernourishment happens when people do not consume enough calories to fulfill their body’s minimal physiological requirements. When someone is malnourished, they aren’t getting enough protein, calories, or micronutrients.

Kids can perish from common illnesses like measles or diarrhea if they are undernourished. When someone has lost a significant amount of weight while wasting, they suffer from acute malnutrition and are often starving or ill.

What causes hungry?

It is an important question to ask to understand the issues seriously. Hunger is a complex issue that affects people both at home and abroad. The explanations are numerous, varied, and frequently intertwined.

The primary cause of hunger around the globe is deprivation. This condition of hunger is prevalent for both wealthy and underdeveloped nations. This is valid for both urban and rural residents.

Smallholder farmers in developing countries are the world’s most influential group of individuals living in severe poverty. They don’t have enough land to grow enough food to feed their families for a year, and what little money they get from selling it means they can’t afford to buy food from other sources when their supply runs out.

Poor infrastructure contributes to hunger by making it difficult, if not impossible, to deliver food to regions of a country where it is scarce. One section of a country has seen people starve to death even as another had enough supplies.

Because the roads were so bad, the food could not be delivered to everyone who needed it to survive. Water is required for the growth of crops.

Most developing country farmers cannot afford irrigation infrastructure. Hunger and malnutrition are exacerbated by inadequate water and sanitation facilities.

Effects of hunger

Effects of hunger can go a long way. We all know that nutritious meals are necessary for a healthy body and mind at any age.

Having nothing to eat at all or having too little food with a low nutritional content can significantly influence someone’s health. It is challenging to get out of the vicious cycle of inadequate nutrition and ill health once it’s started.

Hunger in Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, those poor children and families have gone through the worst conditions than us. I know you all would agree with me. They have eaten whatever food they got, these are the people who don’t care whether the food is nutritious or not.

For families whose income is low and are in poverty, them getting food is a big thing and they are not concerned about how will it affect their health and immune system.

How can we Feed the Hungry?

Ebendavid Charities thought of giving these poor children with nutritious food as they need to eat these nutrients which are chemical compounds that are used by the body to function properly and maintain health.

It is the process of taking in food and using it for growth, metabolism, and repair. This nutritious food in various ways likes to increase the height and healthy weight gain of the children who are at a growing age by making their muscles strong.

Why to Feed the Hungry?

As per the survey, in India, nearly about 3000 children die due to hunger daily, and over 20 crore people go to sleep empty-stomach every day, this is almost 14% of the total population in India.

Seeing the current scenario, we at Ebendavid Charities, a non-profit organization situated in Chennai,  came up with “Feed the hungry Project” and are trying our best to at least reach out to 5000 children in and around Chennai to feed with One Time Meal, especially children of the age group 3-15 years. So help us to help them by being a part of this cause and our mission to eradicate poverty from India.

Where to Feed the Hungry?

Ebendavid Charities organized an event on 25th August 2021 at Kalaingar Nagar, Manali Village, Chennai, and provided children of laborers and below the poverty line with a food packet that contains rice, proteins, soya, vitamins, minerals, dried vegetables, and other essential nutrients.

Each packet weighs 1/2 kilogram and 2 packets were given to all the children out there. In total, we have given to 25 children, which would serve them up to 7 days but our mission is to reach 5000 children.

Let me ask you, did you feed the hungry and if not, don’t worry we have got the opportunity for you and all you need to do is contribute a small amount of Rs. 50 for a One Time Meal for one child.

How can we donate food to poor people?

We at Ebendavid Charities organize events to Feed the Hungry periodically, you can sponsor a meal for Rs.50. You can use the QR code to do the online payment.

You can sponsor any number of children. Also, you can spread the message on all your social media platforms like Feed the hungry on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, WhatsApp and become a part of this cause by donating Rs 50/- only and stop the child from starving.

Together we can reduce poverty by feeding the Hungry and help our future generations to grow and live better lives.